“Ascent was relentless in its pursuit of strategic partners. While we had the opportunity to “take the highest offer”, we chose the best synergistic acquirer to optimally grow our business and maximize shareholder value over the long term.”

David Townsend, CEO, Innovyx Insight into the Right Transaction


Many investment banks focus strictly on merger & acquisition work, often at the expense of other value-building transactions that can lead ultimately to a better exit outcome. While Ascent has developed a successful M&A track record for its clients, it has also initiated and engineered other transactions to build substantial value.

Whether it’s a angel or venture equity investment, strategic equity investment, technology license, marketing agreement, joint product development, or an acquisition, you can rely upon Ascent to identify and close deals with the right partner who can provide the required synergies and leverage in the marketplace. Ascent carefully assesses a company’s range of opportunities and options to provide flexibility and value.


Ascent’s transactions for its clients are with world-class companies such as Amazon, Omnicom, Microsoft, Computer Associates, and GE, as well as numerous, aggressive emerging companies. These relationships help build upon and return the significant value entrepreneurs created in their companies. Ascent’s engagements are focused on getting results rapidly and helping its clients realize their vision. We are a trusted advisor, helping you find the strength to continue pursuing your dream, or provide you with liquidity and personal financial freedom.

Portfolio Clients

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