Today’s strategic partner is tomorrow’s exit partner – a philosophy we deeply understand

Ascent’s core focus is to help client technology companies succeed by developing powerful relationships that bring market presence and leverage creating value for shareholders and strategic partners alike. No matter what the transaction and partnership requirements, Ascent delivers results.

Today’s strategic partner is tomorrow’s exit partner. From partnering to an exit, all companies require a strong set of strategic relationships and capital foundation to build value and staying power. Key strategic relationships with the right partners are essential to growth and market position goals. It’s the difference between winning and losing. No company can afford to be an island in the fast moving world of clean technologies or information technologies.

Ascent assesses strategic and capital requirements and manages a process to identify partners and investors who complement a client company’s strategy. We review strategy, plans, and projections; provide advice on adjustments; identify business partners and strategic partners; and collaborate with clients all the way through to successful close of the transaction.

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