Brammo Empulse
Previously we have mentioned Brammo as an innovative EV motorcycle company (backed by Chrysalix Energy Ventures and Best Buy Capital) which is positioning its cycles as a combination of performance, practicality, and value. Now their latest model, the Empulse, follows the Enertia as a higher performance cycle with three range options.

What we like about Brammo is their focus on innovative product design that delivers performance. They are pushing the range out to 100+ miles with sustained 100 MPH speed. This is getting much closer to the holy grail of EV motorcycles. Starting at $9,995, the Empulse features a unique water-cooled system and should be available in first quarter of 2011.

CEO Craig Bramscher is someone to watch given his focus on innovative product management and drive to make things happen in the business. Craig is a vehicle person to the core and it shows in his products and his team.

Getting further distribution with partner Best Buy is key. Also, when the price of oil shoots back up or if carbon gets priced, we’ll see Empulse’s and Enertia’s accelerate in volume. They will be star students of the new “E-Class”.

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